Kalendarium of Fr. Papczyński’s Life

05.18.1631 born in Podegrodzie
1640 began elementary school in Podegrodzie
1643 moved to a school in Nowy Sacz
1646 in May, left for a school in Jaroslaw, where he studied from the middle of May until the end of July
1646 in August, left for Lvov and tried unsuccessfully to be accepted at the Jesuit College
1649 in April or at the beginning of May, went to the Piarist school in Podoliniec
1650 in June, went to Lvov and was accepted at the Jesuit College
1651 went to the Jesuit College in Rawa Mazowiecka where he completed high school and his studies of philosophy
07.02.1654 accepted the Piarist habit and began his novitiate in Podoliniec
1655 spent the second year of his novitiate in Warsaw
07.22.1656 took his first simple vows
1655-1656 studied theology at St. Anthony’s College of the Franciscan Friars in Warsaw
1658-1660 taught rhetoric in Podoliniec
03.12.1661 ordained to the priesthood
1660-1662 taught rhetoric at the Piarist house in Rzeszow
1663 was transferred to the house in Warsaw where he fulfilled the duties of a teacher, confessor, and preacher for four years
09.27.1667 went to Rome at the order of the Superior General
1668 went to Nicolsburg in Moravia at the order of the Superior General
1668 in May, went from Nicolsburg to Warsaw
1669 in the middle of September, went to the Piarist residence at Kazimierz near Krakow
1670 in January, was abducted from Kazimierz by the Provincial Superior and moved to a monastery prison, first in Podoliniec and then in Prievidza in Hungary
03.22.1670 was released from Prievidza
04.02.1670 returned to Kazimierz and placed himself under the protection of the local bishop
1670 around August 26, took up residence at the bishop’s palace
12.11.1670 was officially released from his simple vows and the oath of perseverance in the Piarist order by Fr. Michael Kraus, Vicar-Provincial Superior in Poland
1670 after leaving the Piarists, he resided in Krakow and was moderator of the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception at Kazimierz (at the Church of St. James)
1671 became chaplain to the Karski family in Lubocza, in the Diocese of Poznan
1671 in September, donned the white habit in Lubocza
09.30.1673 arrived at the Korabiew hermitage to found a new religious order
10.24.1673 the first religious house of the Congregation of Marians was established by Bishop S. Swiecicki’s decree
11.22.1677 took possession of the Church of the Cenacle in Nowa Jerozolima and established a second religious house
04.21.1679 the Congregation of Marian Fathers was canonically erected by Bishop S. Wierzbowski
1684 in June, summoned the first General Chapter at the Korabiew Forest
1690 went to Rome to obtain papal approbation for the Marian institute, became ill, and returned to Poland without attaining his goal
1698 in the fall, sent Fr. Joachim Kozlowski to Rome in order to obtain papal approbation for the Marian institute
10.15.1699 accepted the third foundation in Gozlin
09.21.1699 obtained papal approbation through incorporation into the Order of the Franciscan Friars, under the rule of the Ten Virtues
11.24.1699 Pope Innocent XII sent a breve to the Apostolic Nuncio in Poland, ordering him to receive solemn vows from the Marians
06.06.1701 made his solemn profession of vows before the Apostolic Nuncio, Francis Pignatelli, in Warsaw
07.05.1701 received the solemn profession of vows from his confreres at the Cenacle in Góra Kalwaria
09.17.1701 surrounded by his confreres, fell asleep in the Lord at the monastery attached to the Cenacle