Santo Estanislao de Jesús y María Papczyński
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Excerpt from the Cardinal Józef Glemp’s letter of March 28, 1987, to the Holy Father, John Paul II

Your Holiness knows well the person of the Servant of God Fr. Stanislaus Papczyński who was born in the then Diocese of Krakow.  He was an exceptional person in the religious history of our people, and he shone with holiness in difficult times during our history. The Servant of God Stanislaus enjoys an uninterrupted fame of holiness. Not only the members of the religious community that he founded, but also numerous groups of the Polish society regard him as a holy man.  /…/  The people’s certitude of Fr. Papczyński’s holiness can be seen in our times also, particularly at his tomb in Marianki near Góra Kalwaria, where his venerators come individually or in groups, especially on the days of prayer for his beatification in May and September. Representatives of the hierarchy and notables of the Church, including foreign guests, often preside over these events and deliver homilies. The Congregation of the Marian Fathers embraces with special care the burial place of their Founder, both the tomb and the church, as well as the surrounding grounds, which have been converted into a park of religious character.  The Marian Fathers have also put a lot of effort into conducting the long-lasting beatification process, a zealous promoter of which was the Primate of Poland, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński.