Dear Confreres:

With great joy, I wish to inform you that on May 6, 2014, documents regarding the Canonization Process of our Founder, Blessed Stanislaus Papczyński, were submitted to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. The scrutiny of the alleged miracle granted through the intercession of Blessed Stanislaus was conducted by the Tribunal of the Diocese of Ełk in 2012-2014.

As I informed you two years ago, we started our Founder’s canonization process after receiving trustworthy information about the extraordinary healing of an ill woman whose state, after a long period of intensive and comprehensive hospital treatments, was considered as irreversibly terminal. Convinced about the hopelessness of the situation, the doctor informed her family members, who started at once reciting the novena through the intercession of Blessed Stanislaus. The ill woman’s condition began rapidly improving already during the novena, so that she was able to leave the hospital shortly afterwards.

Thanks to the kindness of H.E. Jerzy Mazur, the Bishop of Ełk, the process was opened on the diocesan level and conducted efficiently due to the great effort of many people, especially the priests who served as members of the Diocesan Tribunal of Ełk and the Vice-Postulator, Fr. Paweł Naumowicz, MIC, Polish Province Superior. May the Lord bless them for their work and dedication, and may Blessed Stanislaus intercede for their needs. I also thank the Polish Province for deferring all process-related costs.

The transfer of documents to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints means the opening of the decisive stage of the examination of the alleged miracle. I ask you, therefore, to pray fervently for this intention. Undoubtedly, any congregation considers the canonization of its founder as an exceptional grace. I trust that it would become also for us an additional stimulus to strengthen our vocation, enliven our charism, and bring about a more dynamic growth of our community Pro Christo et Ecclesia.

Again, I ask that on the 17th of each month – the day of Blessed Stanislaus’s passing to heaven – each religious house and parish celebrate, if possible, a Holy Mass for the intention of his canonization. I also ask you to regularly add to your daily community and personal prayers the prayer for his canonization and to encourage the faithful under our care to do the same. Our Father Founder was a tireless venerator of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of our Lord and, therefore, we commend this cause to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Yours in the Lord and the Immaculate Mary,

Fr. Andrzej Pakuła, MIC
Superior General